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Conrad's comedy podcasting goes back to 2010.  He started this journey on a whim with The Connie G Show, during which, he learned many lessons and roped his cousin, Shannon, into being on the show regularly.  


The show grew, Conrad's family grew, and Conrad grew.  He felt like he needed to rebrand and created The Conrad and Jack Show with his friend.  Jack didn't last long, but Conrad's other waterhead friends wanted to be involved.  

Over the years, people kept asking who "Jack" was.  That, coupled with the fact that the dynamics of the show had changed, Conrad felt like the show deserved another rebranding.  At that point, he changed the show to Those Guys From Wichita.

With each stage in the show's growth, Conrad was more dedicated to podcasting as a platform.  He decided that he wanted to make podcasting a bigger part of this life.  Shannon was always supportive of Conrad's crazy ideas, so they put their heads together and decided they needed a better way to spread the word about their brand of comedy.  

They went through multiple business models but ultimately decided that it would be a good idea to drive around with a classic Airstream camper and sell tacos to people.  The OK Taco Company and Roadshow was born.

Conrad's creativity could.  Not.  Be.  Stopped.  Now, he hosts Conradio, where all his new shows are featured.  Want to hear more?  Subscribe on Patreon - you can even score some free food!

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